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Apr 15 2013 - Hello
Paul Newman- laugh
I have nothing substantial to add, but my LJ needed an update. Last time I posted something was in December.

(huh, I just noticed the mood things aren't uploading like usual. Sorry about that)
Dec 18 2012 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Rose/Ten Snow Together as it should be
I know, I know, 'tis a rare sight to have me actually post on my own LJ, but I wanted to wish everyone who wanders here a very happy and wonderful holiday season!

And now go on be awesome, everyone!!! :)
forever-up close-10/Rose
Everyone who wanders into my LJ must watch this fantastical video  made by the equally fantastical and lovely silverlunarstar (And check out her LJ- go there to comment, she deserves all the comments, she's an amazing talent- check out her videos and her fanfics, which are all incredible):

Originally posted bysilverlunarstarat Doctor/Rose Music Video: 8th World Wonder

Hope it was a wonderful day for you, chica!

Here's a little something, just for you.

Oh, and everyone else can enjoy it too. ;P

Anyone who can't see it, can try here.

captain guyliner
Just felt like pointing that out, lol
Aladdin & Jasmine
Went to see the concert of "Do You Hear The People Sing" and as nerdy as I felt, I loved every bit of it!

If only some stranger's bald head hadn't been in my way throughout these recordings.....

March 23, 2012


Lea Salonga (Legendary!)
Stephanie J. Block
Marie Zamora
Peter Lockyer (
Terrence Mann
and Brian Stokes Mitchell

I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables)

On My Own

One Day More


Do You Hear The People Sing

Discussing the series final of Smallville....and taking advantage to test out new mood theme set thingy. ^_^

I realize the chance of anyone reading this are slim but I figure until I have icons or whatnots set to give out, I might as well start filling out this journal.  Even if I'm the only one reading . Haha.


CLICK to read my thoughts *mind-control* ! Screencaps included. heh.

Up, Up, and Away!!!!Collapse )


...but I'm not John Connor.
And I didn't expect to have a Terminator reference in my first post. Ha.


My Intro...Take 2Collapse )

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